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Marketplace Foods Group, Inc. a food company which began after the turn of the century and is dedicated to wholesome and creative consumer food solutions.

We manufacture and market food products across all North America, including Pizzas and Italian specialties, Sandwiches and Handhelds, Meats, Potato Chips, Imported Bakery Delicacies, and other grocery products in a portfolio of emerging, soon to be iconic brands.

We combine the rich heritage of the Food Service Division, featuring our QuickMeals TM, with the dynamism and energy of our rapidly developing Retail Division to bring transformative ideas and products to the consumer table.

Il Migliore Fine Italian Specialties

Marketplace Foods Group, Inc. grocery products portfolio of emerging, soon to be iconic brands is spearheaded by our Authentic Il Migliore Italian recipes, of wholesome consumer products.

Hand crafted, original thin crust pizzas with wholesome whole milk mozzarella and real USDA meat topping are the core of our lineup.  Our red sauce recipe is a treat unto itself and a base for the various tasty sandwiches Il Migliore offers, as well.  If it says Il Migliore on the label, it shouts out to the savvy consumer…“The Best!” Try and you will agree.

  • Our Own Original Recipes

  • Farm Fresh Products

  • High Quality Ingredients

  • 25+ Years’ Experience

  • Take n Bake at Home!

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Deli Style Chips

Our Deli Size Bags hold the freshest and crispest medium sized, thicker sliced potato chips available! Specially produced with less oil and made to compliment any sandwich or as a stand-alone snack!

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James Deli Prepared Pot Pie Meals

Hand Made, Wholesome and Convenient

At Marketplace Foods Group we use the finest, freshest ingredients for all our variety of handmade Pot Pies, so you can
be sure your family is getting a healthy, hearty meal, just the way your mother would have prepared them! Compare our fine ingredients with those of our competitors to see the difference. Butter, puff pastry, fresh cut vegetables and USDA inspected meats! With our pot pies, you’ll find no fillers or artificial flavorings.

Plus, you certainly won’t find a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce.  We use real ingredients to make real food. Try our delicious Chicken-Chicken Veggie Medley-Beef Stew and our Beef Sheppard’s Pie, too!

They are all fantastic and are available as “In-Store Ready to Bake” 16oz profiles and also as convenient “Take-n Bake” 12oz Grab-nGo! -Heat ‘n Eat at home versions. These are really True Comfort Foods to enjoy.

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Imported French Inspired Bakery Products

Beverley’s Bakers a is renowned company which has been baking an icon of Canadian cuisine the famous butter Tart, since 1976 in Stouffville, Ontario.

After more than ten years of experience in the baking industry which was spent in France, Asia and Africa, They decided to migrate to Ontario in 2017 and share our passion for baking.

Our vision for Dulcinée’s/Beverley Bakery is a mix of specialty French and Canadian-inspired baked goods and desserts, that reflect our motto: Passion, Emotion and Pleasure. At Dulcinée’s Bakery, we aim to share emotions through our range of tarts and brioches.

Indeed, we consider bakery and pastry to be poetry where only passion can allow us to transcend ourselves in order to bake the best products which mingle delicious flavours, like
chocolate, caramel, and almond, as well as fresh aromas of fruits and spices and different textures like so􀀄 ness, crunchiness, frothing and smoothness. Our range of products has been created by our Head Chefs Roseline, who was influenced by French Celebrated Chefs and inspired from many trips and meeetngs made around the Globe.

Every day, Roseline with the Dulcinée’s Bakery Team meticulously bake the traditional and unique Beverley’s
butter tarts and other delicious tarts, quiches and brioches while always paying great attention on to the important details like taste and textures. She never compromises quality and always provides clients with products that they will be proud to serve at their own tables, bakery shop and stores…
Our mission is to celebrate food by using the highest quality and freshest ingredients. We strive to exceed expectations with every product we make.

Our clients expect excellence and gravitate towards our commitment to food quality and our specialized approach. will be of the highest caliber and will gravitate towards our commitment to food quality and our specialized approach.

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