General Sales

  1. Food and Grocery Items
  2. Freight and Logistics


  1. Private Label Programs and Custom Manufacturing
  2. Consulting
  3. Product Procurement
  4. Product Manufacturing (Recipes, Quality Control, Management, etc...)
  5. Logistics (Freight, Warehousing, and Inventory Management)

Product Procurement:

  1. Grade A / Ongoing Product
  2. Grade B / Seconds Product

Here's How It Works:

Contact us with all the details on what you have to sell and we will put in an offer on the product.

  • What Is It? (Full Product Description, Pack Size, Dating)
  • How Much Is Available?
  • Why Is It Available?
  • Do You Have Pictures, Labels, or a Spec Sheet?
  • Are There Any Restrictions? (We always respect the rules of the seller.)
Why Sell Us Your Items:
  • Convenience
  • Easy and Relaxed Environment... No Pressure
  • Smooth Transaction
  • Top Dollar for Product
  • Reputable Company