Redistribution Program

: Overview

Wilbur Wholesale continues to be the leader in providing relevant SOLUTIONS and offering truly unique market sales opportunities to our vendors and customers. We are simply a VEHICLE for thousands of vendors and customers to reach sales goals in specific areas, breach and penetrate markets previously unattainable, and to basically have a strategic �Redistribution� partner for continued growth and profitability.

Our new FACILITY, in the heart of Atlanta, is a commitment to all our vendors and customers to offer the most professional and comprehensive Redistribution Program available anywhere!

Because we do NO STREET SALES, our emphasis is on supporting our vendors and customers 100%. Bottom line, when they succeed, we succeed! Independent distributors are our main focus. We have programs that can benefit everyone, no matter the size. Yes, we are strong nationwide and especially in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. Chicago, New York, and Atlanta are our largest markets. OUR NEUTRALITY IS OUR STRENGTH. We emphasize the Chinese, Mexican, and Italian markets mainly because these are the three fastest growing segments.

Our approach to business is unique. We offer our vendors and customers solutions, information, and ideas. DIVERSITY is the key to our success. By combining the Marketplace Foods Group and Wilbur Wholesale customers, we can sell everyone from the US Military and all US Government Segments� to the Largest and Smallest of Food Distributors� to Food Banks�to Manufacturers� to Universities�etc. Our skill-set is very broad and we bring this knowledge to the table for everyone we do business with. Due to the fact that our product/information and customer base is so large, we can pool together all these assets to create a large �group buy� scenario to truly move large volumes so that everyone benefits. Basically, ECONOMIES OF SCALE is the key to our pricing dominance.

Lastly, we offer customized rebate programs and volume incentives for all customers, much like a traditional buying group does. In conjunction with our rebate programs, we offer sales �spiff� incentives to all our customers to keep things exciting.